Child Custody Modification

Child Custody Modification – Child custody orders are modifiable based on a change of either parties circumstances. Nemiroff & Cohen, LLP has the expertise and knowledge to help with these emotionally charged issues. However, it is in your best interest to contact us before you become overwhelmed. We assist families across San Fernando Valley and all of Los Angeles County to provide the best scenario for their children and themselves.

Child custody modification can be due to changes in a child’s health, well-being or education. A parent cannot move out of county or state and take the children with them without getting the court’s permission. The law now prevents families from going to Family Court Services mediation more than once every twelve months without a court order.

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Property division in divorce court is one of areas where disputes arise. The most amicable divorce cases often get messy when attempting to identify property ownership, attempt to agree on valuations, and each spouse comes with their own expectations. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney is critical. Nemiroff & Cohen, LLP are well-versed in California division of property law.

To help our clients resolve all of these complex property division issues – you deserve a qualified and experienced divorce lawyer on your side. Lauren Nemiroff and Gail Cohen are both Board-Certified Family Law Specialists with the experience that makes a difference for our clients. We have helped literally thousands of people in the San Fernando Valley successfully emerge from a divorce, even when the process appeared overwhelming at first. Divorce will not always be easy, but with us on your side, you’ll have the support you need to be confident going forward.

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